Life Hacks – Water Saving

Bills are a pain. Full stop. They drain your bank account faster than some people drink their first coffee in the morning. Thankfully there are some simple solutions to help shave off a dollar or ten. Every cent counts.

  1. Trick the toilet
    The toilet is great for flushing money down the tubes. Home and life hack websites recommend filling a large soft drink bottle with water and placing it in the toilet tank, displacing the amount of water. The volume will “rise”, meaning less refills every time you flush. Alternatively, there are water-efficient dual-flush models available.
  2. Give your garden some pasta
    Water. Pasta water. Instead of dumping nearly three or so litres of water down the drain because you’re “finished” with it, put the colander in a bucket to catch the water when you drain the pasta. When the water has cooled a bit, go out and water the plants. This idea can be applied with other foods that have been boiled, like vegetables.
  3. Buy a low flow showerhead
    Fifteen litres of water comes out of a sta ndard shower head per minute. Switching to a showerhead that uses only 6-7 litres is easy enough. Hardware stores have a full range on water-efficient fixtures from the backyard to the bathroom.
  4. Go to the gym
    Smash your workout in the morning and hit the shower instead of going back home. You’re paying for the membership, which pays for the gym’s utilities, so why not use it? With ho useholds using nearly 15,000 litres per year in the shower, you can cut down that little bit extra by going to the gym more often.
  5. Time to re-landscape!
    A green garden is pleasing to the eye, but who wants to look like everyone else?
    Bushland and desert landscaping is a hot trend, and the plants don’t need much upkeep. That doesn’t mean the garden can’t be colourful; Kangaroo’s Paw and Stuart’s Desert Pea are vibrant, hardy plants.

Water bills are a pain but there is no escaping them. A few easy swaps, like a showerhead here or some pasta/vegetable water there, can save a little and stop you spending a lot.

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