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Replacing your hot water system

You should think about replacing your hot water system, especially the tank type, if it’s sat in your home for a decade or more. Old systems are leak-prone, probably have sediment building up in the bottom, and take longer to heat your water. Before you go about replacing your hot water system, though, there’s some questions to ask yourself and the plumber.


It’s all about labels

Are you satisfied with the brand of tank you have now or do you want to switch? You have the luxury of choice. There’s gas, electric, tankless, and the list goes on.

Check user ratings and explore the brand websites. Vulcan, Rinnai, Dux, and Rheem are the staple brands found in most homes.


But how much can you save?

You have your eye on replacing your hot water system with a brand-name tank, yet there’s the looming question of money. It’s a given that a replacement will cost you, but it doesn’t have to blow a hole in your wallet.

Downgrading to a smaller tank can save you money; less water usage means smaller bills. Elgas reports that heating water accounts for 25% of home expenses. You can also save some extra money if you change your current fixtures to WELS type ones.


Getting it done

Done choosing a heater model? The next step in replacing your hot water system is actually installing it.

Unless you have experience, don’t attempt to do it yourself. Call your plumber because they’ll have the tools and the know-how. They can even make recommendations if you’re still undecided on a replacement system.

Plumbers know that people rely on hot water to live comfortably, and some even have a ‘same day replacement’ service if called before a certain time. There’s also the option of booking ahead.

The thought of replacing your hot water system shouldn’t fill you with dread. It’s a chance to upgrade to something more modern. You won’t need to worry any more about leaks or large bills caused by your old system. Start shopping around for a fancy new tank and book the plumber!

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